Consulting Services are Available for Licensed Therapists and Counselors

You’ve made a commitment to helping people through therapy and counseling, but there are always new techniques being introduced or new approaches to be explored. With more than 20 years of training experience, Sunshine Consulting & Counseling, Inc. can help you down the path of continuing education so that you can provide your clients with the best services possible.


There Are Always New Ways to Improve Your Practice

If you’re a licensed therapist or counselor who is interested in starting in private practice, Sunshine Consulting & Counseling, Inc., can help in navigating some of the necessities.

We offer resources including:

  • Where to find options for Risk Assessment to make sure your new practice follows HIPAA and your Association’s Ethical Guidelines
  • We can also help you understand how to set up ways to track your spending and income and be prepared for Tax Season
  • Understanding different web-based tracking mechanisms for notes and billing


Consulting Services for Families and Schools Regarding Children Who Have Challenging Behaviors

Sherrie Believes That:

1. Children do not want to have ‘bad behaviors’
2. If they could do it like other children, they would
3. These children have skills that need to be developed that other children may learn without assistance
4. Consequences do not work in helping them change their behaviors, because they are lacking the skills
5. Children and families can work together, no matter what age, to learn these skills

Sherrie’s years as a special educator for preschool age through adult, give her a perspective on children, families & schools that other therapists may not have. Her years consulting in the state of North Carolina in State Hospitals, DD centers, and provider agencies, provide Sherrie with a wealth of experience from which she helps families and schools navigate new territory toward unity and cooperation.

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