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Moshe Holzer is interning as a new member of Sunshine Consulting & Counseling. He received a Bachelor's in Talmudic Law from the Talmudic University of Florida and is currently pursuing a Master's in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University. Moshe uses his mental health experience as an important dimension of his budding educational and rabbinic career. He serves a variety of community roles in areas like high school education, public lecturing, leading extra-curricular activities for elementary-aged children, among others.

Moshe approaches therapy with an open-minded and compassionate heart. He believes that every person has the insight and strength to overcome life's challenges. As a therapist, Moshe looks to empower people to use their inner compass to guide their lives. He creates a safe environment to explore difficult areas and assists in developing each person's unique self.

Phone Number: 305-922-1951


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11201 Healy St
Silver Spring, MD 20902
(240) 997-1612
(305) 922-1951