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  • Couples Counseling

    Every Couple Needs a Good Foundation

    Whether You’re Married or Dating, Therapy Can Help Strengthen Your Bond.

    All couples should have the same goal of resolving any issues that threaten their relationships.

    If you’re married, engaged, or dating, communication is important to ensure you are establishing mutual commitment and shared goals. Marriage counseling and couples therapy can help you with communication by recognizing the disconnected feelings you’re experiencing.

    Sometimes couples come from a variety of backgrounds.  Cultural differences can often lead to frustration, especially if not named as culture or value struggles.  Our staff can help identify challenges and work with you to find common values/goals to connect and achieve resolution.  In addition, here are some recommendations for books to read about relationships. 

    Often intimacy can be an underlying issue but can be missed in relationship counseling. We can help you learn to:

    • Communicate with each other effectively
    • Recognize unhealthy patterns in the relationships
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Set healthy boundaries
    • Create shared goals
    • Manage finances
    • Create boundaries
    • Handle in-laws and extended family
    • Improve trust and faith in your relationship
    • Enjoy spending time together
    • Reignite the passion in your relationship
    • Overcome Intimacy obstacles

    Whether you have been together for 1 year or 70 years, couples counseling will help you learn tools, resolve conflict and restore that first love.

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment and fall in love all over again.