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  • Recommended Reading

    by Sherrie Ludwick, LCPC

    Sometimes, we need a really good recommended book!  Something we can grab a cup of coffee or a glass of Iced Tea, sit down in a quiet place, and open our hearts to what we are about to read.

    We never know when “that book” will make a huge impact.

    It is a true gift when someone can recommend that book because they have read it and know what is happening in our lives.

    Sherrie is just “that person”. 

    With over 30 years as a mental health clinician, Sherrie has read hundreds of books to keep her informed and educated with the tools and information that will best help her with her work and the clients she serves.

    In her career, she has worked with trauma, grief and loss, couples, families, parents, and more. 

    These are just some of the books that Sherrie has in her library and has read, most likely more than once.  She continues to add more and will keep adding to this list, so make sure to come back and visit often.  

    If you or someone you know is looking for professional services, Sherrie’s team is amazing and has been trained and supervised by her.  (Currently, Sherrie is not taking new clients). 

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