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  • Our Philosophy

    Positive Therapeutic Approaches to Healing

    As we heal, our lives become bigger, we become more involved in activities we enjoy, and we feel more connected with others.

    We believe that every person can heal.

    Healing will be a different experience for each individual, couple, or family.

    Therapy can be helpful to people who want to grow and change themselves in any way.   No problem is too big or too small.  Truth helps with healing.

    Our team will create a safe environment for you to slowly connect with the person you have always known/hoped you could be. In doing so, we help you connect with the parts that get in your way and learn to soothe those parts so that your whole system can relax and feel more trusting.

    No matter how much hopelessness you may feel, you can heal yourself when you have a support network.

    Over time, we believe that it is our job and conviction to help you develop natural support systems so that you can continue to heal, grow, and move toward the life that you desire and deserve.

    We believe that miracles happen here every day and as Albert Einstein said,

    There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

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    Meet Our Staff

    Yudi Benamou, LMSW

    Yudi Benamou, LMSW

    Yudi has been involved in helping people grow from his most formative years. As the son of a rabbi, teaching, modeling, and learning have always been a part of his life.  However, more importantly, Yudi learned how, in truth, everyone has something to teach, and has a life story to which it is worth listening.  The challenges and struggles a person […]
    Moshe Holzer, LCPC

    Moshe Holzer, LCPC

    Moshe is a Licensed clinician and works with individuals, couples, and children. He uses Play Therapy, CBT, Somatic work, and Parts Work to help individuals become more empowered in their lives.